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Don Roth's Blackhawk
That evening, we had a reservation at Don Roth's Blackhawk (home of the spinning salad bowl). To start off, a large mound of crispy, garlicky and oil coated bread pieces are placed on the table to munch on. Quite addictive and hard to keep from eating. For the most part, service was prompt and attentive. A refill on my wife's ice tea might have taken longer than she liked. All dinners include the spinning salad bowl or a house salad. The spinning salad bowl was just that. A large spinning preparation bowl filled with all of the different possible ingredients. At the table, the waitress would ask what you liked in your salad, spin the bowl around, and plate the salad right in front of you. Cute idea, but this is not what made Blackhawk famous. Rather, their slowed "halo oven" roasted prime rib of beef . . .


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